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In Honcha, our biggest success comes from the customers’ success. We believe in providing not only the quality machine, but also to work closely with our customers from the beginning of their project to the end.For many years, Honcha has aimed to form a very helpful service team so that at anytime in anywhere our customers can benefit from it.
Pre-sales Services
● We have multi-language sales representatives to introduce our company and product.
● Professional product and market advice for your investment in block industry
● On-site investigation of the customers’ factory to work out possible problems
● 24 hours enquiry accepted
Sales Services
● We work on the details of the contract with the customers so that there is no uncertainty.
● Arrange production as per requirement.
● Foundation drawings and plant layout suggestion available
● Full documentation including operation, maintenance and troubleshooting manuals
After-sales Services
● Bricks product advice service
● 1 year spare part guarantee
● 24 hours customer service
● Free machine operation and management training


Technical training, including: customer-site training and training of service personnel in two parts. Training administered by the overall planning of the marketing department from the market after the Ministry of implementation.
First, the customer-site training
Customers on the purchase of equipment to give a free on-site training, training purposes by the equipment installation.
(A) the training requirements
1. Advise clients to recruit experienced mechanical and electrical qualifications or background operator.
2. In the initial stages of installation, the operator must become familiar with the equipment, working closely from start to finish and my company's site to install.
3. After training, the operator must maintain the point of equipment and maintenance of operating points to a clear understanding of the operating procedures and failure to determine proficiency.
4. Operator after evaluation, compliance, and recognized by the trainers to operate independently.
5 In principle, the on-site training to customers must be completed prior to equipment acceptance, customers transferred to the new operator training completed by the customer. Special circumstances, the customer can make an application, send people to conduct a site free training arranged by the Company.
6. Customers need to apply for a job operating permits, training is under an obligation to provide positive assistance to apply for the relevant information returned to the company marketing department.
(B) requirements for company trainers
Patient, detailed explanation of equipment operation and maintenance points, repeated demonstration exercises.
And not to pretend to understand, no way given to explain the issues raised by customers, you must: 
1, to the Customer acknowledges that temporarily can not be answered.
2, ask to the staff to answer questions.
3, and not to shirk its responsibility, to allow customers to the data in the find the answers.
4, until the customers could become independent, skilled operation of equipment to complete the training.
(C) on-site training content
Around the manual and dispensing the information to explain, to maximize the use of interactive teaching methods, teaching focus: operating equipment, safety precautions, equipment operation and maintenance of common equipment failure and exclusion.
Second, the training of service personnel
The co-service training organized by the HR department and post-marketing, every after-sales service personnel must have at least a year to participate in two such training.
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