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To Society

The idea of Honcha machine was originated from how much pollution it has when the area has clay bricks manufacturer. As the first block making machine company in China, we are aiming for the more environmental friendly machinearies.
For Honcha customers, the raw material that is used to make the bricks are always suggested to be the industrial waste apart from concrete. In one hand, it is cost-saving for our customers. On the other hand, we advise the customer to recycle. For years Honcha R&D team is devoted to make every single detail of our machine perfect so minimum waste is occurred while using the machine.
To get back to our society, we constantly donate both cash and facilities to help the Hope School in China. When Sichuan suffered from the earthquack, we offered ten Fully-automatic Production Line for free and 1 million US dollar to help the area restructuring after the earthquack. In Haiti earthquack, again, we donated cash through Oxfam Hong Kong to help the homeless people. Our managing director is honored “Chairman of Quanzhou Charity Association”.
We also work closely with the local university. Every year, we offer industrial placement for the new graduates.

To Customer
One of Honcha’s main pilosophy is “Honcha’s biggest success comes from our customers’ success”. Our customer benefits from Honcha’s after-sales suggestion on making the bricks by recycling the industrial waste. Not only they do not need to buy the raw material, but also the government pay back for their recycling. Hence they make the bricks in minimum cost.

To Employee

Every year, we have “Best Worker Reward” to the best performance worker of the year.
We have pay rise by 5% yearly for the workers.
All our workers have social insurance, health insurance and house accumulation fund that company pay for them.
Every worker will receive money and a card in their birthday.
Every national holidays, we hold events to celebrate with the workers and their family. We distribute mooncakes in Mid-autumn Day, cash in Labor’s Day, Zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival and so on.
The company paid for EMBA course for the management team.
We have a gym room, a small cinema and a leisure room for the works who stay in the company accommodation
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