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Congratulations on HONCHA being listed in Chinese Stock Market (Stock Market Code: 832474)
Hercules S model block machine was sold to Georgetown, Guyana We now have machines operating in over 120 countries!
Honcha introduced the fully variable Vario-Servo Vibration for block machines,totally design from Germany.and set up new brand Hercules belong to Honcha Group,especially for high end market.
Honcha is aiming to build a manufacturing base with yearly 200 units fully-automatic production line.
Honcha welcome Mr. Mahamed from Germany Block Machinery company to be our mechnical advisor. We exported three new improved Fully-automatic Production to Abu Dhabi, UAE.
In order to meet the mass orders, Honcha built the largest block making machine factory in China.
Honcha became the largest manufacturer of the block making machine in China, with yearly production of 500 units.
Honcha’s HCM9-15 Fully-automatic Production Line was invented. By the end of this year, we sold the first Fully-automatic Production Line to Australia.
Honcha becomes a well-known brand in the block machine industry in China. At the same time, the export was booming. In the middle of this year, the second time Honcha enlarged the scale.
Honcha’s new simple production line HCM9-15 was put into the market. It raised the output by at least 50% than the formal series.
Honcha innovation team successfully improved HCM6-15 machinery output into bigger range HCM6-15. Other than standard hollow blocks, the machine can produce more blocks at a cycle.
For the first time, Honcha enlarged its scale of production by buying a land in a suburban area of the city. The machine was upgraded from initial HCM3-15 Simple Production Line to HCM6-15 Simple Production Line.
Honcha was established in the Home of Brand Name Province - Fujian, China.
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