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The way to success, Honcha Manufacture

Since 1985,Honcha has been serving its customers around the world from its design and manufacturing center in South Korea and China. As a solution provider, we offer concrete block solution both as single machine or as turn-key block making plants for our customers from A to Z.

At Honcha, developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a Top Priority, thus, we are constantly moving forward to meet clients' different demands in order to make their block projects successful.

Honcha is located on Nan'an Xuefeng Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Fujian, China. With 100,000 square meters of automatic block making machinery production base, and we successfully listed on stock market on July 21, 2015. We highly recognize that technical innovation is very important, we continue to improve our machinery, quality and service, to meet customer needs, eternal pursuit and never stop.

Honcha covers an area of 150,000 M², the building area is 72800M². Annual sales revenue of more than 300 million yuan and Taxation of more than 20 million yuan. "Honcha" brand is the only brand in the industry that has been recognized by the court and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as "China's well-known trademark", and has won the titles of "national inspection-free products", "Fujian high-tech enterprises" and "provincial enterprise technology center". The company has 90 non-appearance patents (including 11 invention patents) and 7 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements. As the director unit of the wall material innovation Committee of China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association and the member unit of the national standard, nine national industry standards such as "Concrete Bricks" have been compiled.

In 2010, the South Korean factory technology team of Germany Masha, joined our company and won the "100 people plan" (innovative talents) in Fujian Province.

In 2016, we began to cooperate with Hayes Germany, becoming the only supporting partner of Hayes Germany in the world. Main machine and package lines are manufactured by Honcha, and other equipments are supplied by Hayes to middle and high-end customers at home and abroad. Customers can choose the best cost-effective Honcha European version line or Honcha-Hays line according to their needs. Excellent Honcha is a leading enterprise of comprehensive utilization equipment of solid waste resources in China. Our products are exported to 128 countries and regions.

Responsibility and Mission

Honcha Responsibility:Create and provide high-quality products and services to meet the needs of society for more advanced and efficient production methods. Honcha Mission:We will strive to make HONCHA an international brand of high-quality products and services, and promote the progress and development of the industry with our own professional advantages.Core values: Committed to cost innovation and strive to reduce the threshold to enter the brick industry, use our own industrial advantages to help customers achieve success and development.
Integrity management and establish a long-term positive interaction with users, establish a responsible corporate image.
Pursuing efficiency, focuses on innovations that have an impact on customers and industries.

Director Fu Zhichang's Quotation

Employee's love let us find and constantly improve their common development way.
To the customer love let us make friends set a good reputation of the industry.
To the cause of the love let we are full of passion tireless even forget oneself.
To the people of the motherland to realize the dream of love making power is that our life.

Enterprise vs Solemn history

Focus on brick industry 36 years, again and again lead China brick industry to new heights.


Honcha's first brick-making machine was born 1985 and sold to Anhui Province.


Nanan Fengzhou Honcha Building Material Machinery Factory was established and outputted the first mass-produced QIS50 mobile block machine.


New machine, QJ4,QTJ4 launched.


established Quanzhou Licheng Honcha building materials machinery factory, and launched QJT4-50 block machine which can realize semi-automatic production at the same year.


QJ4-30 block machine was launched, which has the function of producing wall and floor brick.


It was renamed as Quanzhou Honcha Building Material Machinery Factory .At the same year, the multi-purpose QFM4-25 block machine, which is high-automation, doubled-layer distribute material, was successfully put into the market.


QFM4-20 block machine was developed. The first fully automatic production line was successfully developed in the same year and put into use in Wangting power plant in Suzhou.


QFM4-20 block machine entered the South American market, successively launched QFM4-15 and QFM4-15BP new machines and trial produced perforated brick and related forming equipment.


multi-hole brick was successfully launched, with the corresponding molding machine HcQ6-15: Honcha is the first one to get the ISO9002 international quality system certification in the industry.


we got a two-authorized authentication, the ISO9001 international standard quality system CCOS and British UKAS in one fell swoop.


In May 2004, we take the lead in exporting domestic automation production line to developed countries, Australia. Honcha R&D trial base with the millions of dollars had been put into operation in July 2004.


Hongcha was titled as high-tech enterprises of Fujian Province in July 2005: and it was honored as famous trademark of Fujian Province in August, exporting and Signing 34 countries


Excellence(Fujian) Machinery Manufacturing Development Co, Ltd. was in building, covering an area of 50.000


Kazakhstan and Libya signed two automatic line orders over $ 1 million in 2007, marking Honcha has been recognized by international high-end customers.


Chairman Fu Zhichang was appointed as Director of MATERIALS INNOVATION Working Committee of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization in 2008.


Chairman, Fu Zhichang, was nominated as one of China's top ten outstanding figures.


Free pallet brick machine was assessed as "China major equipment sets" by the Ministry of Industry and other units in 2010. in the same year, Fu Zhichang was honored as China's top ten low-carbon economy newsmakers. The company was recognized as the national high-tech enterprise.


was assessed as the only one "Famous Chinese Trademark" which was double-identified by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Court.


Hercules" 15-type automatic production lines, which was on behalf of the most cutting-edge technology outputted in 2012. Two product lines were exported to Saudi Arabia for 53 million


The technology of pallet free brick machine was continuously innovated and improved


we launched a new brick making mode of mobile block making plant to help customers solve the problem of distance between raw materials and factories, with small investment, easy to start production, and strong flexibility and flexibility.


The 18 type pallet free line has high single machine capacity, high-density molding, pallet saving, labor saving, mobile module, and can be produced when landing


Hercules block machine economic, durability, high productivity, high quality.

We have too many expectations in the future……


Dream and Hope

Honcha continue to make hard effort on the road of the development of Chinese block machine industry.

Honcha Dream:

The rise of national industry, from production to creation, has always been the dream of Honcha and even the whole Chinese nation. The dream makes Honcha full of passion. The dream makes Honcha tireless. From the introduction and absorption to the substitution of imports, from entering the country to dividing itself from Europe and America, Honcha is realizing its dream step by step.

Honcha Hope:

We have always been strict with ourselves with excellent standards. we strive to make every trust can be harvested satisfactorily. Honcha always pays attention to how to improve customer value. We dare not slack off, not to be satisfied with the praise from the outside world, and even dare not stay at the status quo. We must come from the heart and be passionate to achieve leaps and bounds; we must constantly bring new surprises to our customers; we must constantly improve and innovate, and forever.

Focusing on one industry, spanning two centuries, achieving extraordinary life

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