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Innovation of Thermal Insulation Wall Bricks
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Innovation is always the theme of enterprise development. There is no sunset industry, only sunset products. Innovation and transformation will make the traditional industry prosperous.


Current Situation of Brick Industry

Concrete brick has a history of more than 100 years and used to be the main material of Chinese building wall. With the development of mid-rise buildings in China, concrete blocks can no longer meet the needs of mid-rise buildings in terms of constitution weight, drying shrinkage rate and building energy saving. In the future, concrete bricks will gradually withdraw from the mainstream wall.


In recent years, many wall material enterprises have introduced composite self-insulation blocks. For example, 1. Insert EPS board in small concrete hollow block to replace the thermal insulation layer of external wall to form a self-insulation system;  2. Insert foamed cement or other thermal insulation materials into the inner hole of small concrete hollow block by mechanical grouting (density 80-120/m³) to form a self-insulation system; 3. Using rice husk, knuckle bar and other plant fibers, they are directly added to the raw materials of concrete block production to form light self-insulation block.


Many products have many problems in secondary compounding, foaming stability, forming process and so on. It is difficult to form industry and scale effect.


Brief introduction of project enterprises

Fujian Excellence Honcha Environmental Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating equipment, new material research and development, production and sales. Its main business annual sales revenue is more than 200 million yuan, and its tax payment is more than 20 million yuan. “Excellent Honcha–Honcha Brick Machine” is the only “well-known Chinese trademark” recognized by the Supreme People’s Court of China and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and has won the titles of “National Inspection-free Products” and “Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Science & Technology Innovation Demonstration Unit”. In 2008, Honcha was recognized as “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and was selected as “Top 100 Industrial Demonstration Enterprises in China”. The company has more than 90 non-appearance patents and 13 invention patents. It has won one “provincial science and technology progress award”, one “Huaxia science and technology progress award”, three “Ministry of Construction technology promotion projects” and two “provincial technology promotion projects”. As a member of the National Building Material Machinery Standards Committee, Honcha has so far participated in compiling nine national and industrial standards such as “Concrete Brick”. In 2008, Honcha was appointed Director of the Wall Material Innovation Committee of China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association. As a leading manufacturer of new building material equipment in China, the export of products has reached 128 countries and regions.


Product performance indicators
Lightweight, high-strength concrete self-insulation block is another masterpiece recently launched by Honcha. The main performance indicators of the product are: bulk density less than 900kg/m3; drying shrinkage less than 0.036; compressive strength: 3.5, 5.0, 7.5 MPa; heat transfer coefficient of block wall [W/(m2.K)] < 1.0, equivalent thermal conductivity of wall [W/(m.K)] 0.11-0.15; fire protection grade: GB 8624-2006 A1, water absorption rate: less than 10%;

Main Core Technologies of Products

Thin-wall forming equipment and technology:

The patented vibration technology combined with multi-vibration source mould table can reduce the water-cement ratio from 14-17% to 9-12%. Dryer materials can solve the bottleneck of thin-walled block cutting. High-density products can reduce the water absorption, solve the shrinkage of products and control the crack and leakage of walls.


Forming technology of light aggregate:

This product is mainly made of light thermal insulation materials: expanded perlite, EPS particles, rock wool, rice husk, knuckle and other plant fibers, which are directly added into concrete to form. Because the rebound of light materials after pressurization will lead to the destruction of products, slow forming and high rate of defective products, making it difficult to form an industry. Honcha patented technology: mold structure, feeding system, vibration technology, forming technology, etc. has solved the above difficulties, it wraps lightweight materials with concrete instead of stacking them, so as to achieve lightweight and high strength.


Core interfacial agent formulation:

Many lightweight materials are incompatible with concrete, even with water. After modification by the formula of interfacial agent, the product achieves four results: 1) all materials are mutually inclusive; 2) the product forms plasticity, enhances its flexural strength, and the wall can be nailed and drilled; 3) the waterproof function is remarkable and effective. Control the cracks and leaks behind the upper wall; 4) Strength increases by 5-10% after 28 days of water exposure.

The product has been inspected by the state statutory bodies, and all the performance indicators have reached or surpassed the national standards. Some construction projects have been completed. At present, it has entered the stage of comprehensive promotion.


Promoting business models

Honcha provides equipment, technology and formula, and invites distributors from all over the country. The distributors are mainly responsible for finding production enterprises and operating interface agents. The interface agents for each cubic meter of products cost about 40 yuan. The profits are shared by Honcha and distributors. The distributors can develop their own distributors according to their needs.

For areas requiring large quantities of supply in a short time, mobile equipment can be provided byHoncha to organize production on site for users, to process on behalf of them, and to collect processing labor costs. Distributors can undertake independently or in collaboration with Honcha.

While doing well in wall material main business, distributors can also undertake other core products of Honcha, such as large-scale hydraulic engineering blocks, high-quality permeable pavement bricks and so on. Honcha mobile equipment can be sold, rented and commissioned.


Product Market Prospect

Traditional foamed concrete block has been popularized in our country for decades. Its crack, leakage and strength grade can not meet the functional requirements of various decoration, the market is still acceptable before there is no good substitute material.

With the same compressive strength of 5.0 MPa, the strength of light-weight high-strength self-insulating concrete blocks has reached C20 due to the air heart rate of more than 50%. The integration of building and energy saving, energy conservation and the same life of buildings are the main characteristics of the new product and the first in China.

Raw materials come from a wide range of sources and cost can be controlled. Especially compared with the traditional foamed concrete block, the one-time investment cost and operation cost have considerable advantages. The same market sales price, will get more profit space, and foamed concrete block also needs to do external wall insulation.

The performance and cost advantages of self-insulating blocks are widely recognized by the industry. It is time for them to return to the main wall materials. It is also a new industrial revolution. Honcha will share technology and market with like-minded colleagues, and make joint efforts for the building energy conservation cause of our country to seek common development.

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