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Recycling and Utilization of Construction Waste
Time: 2021-05-24    View:     Company News

Large quantities of construction waste are produced by urban demolition and relocation will inevitably be besieged by rubbish if they violate scientific disposal. Recently, Shijiazhuang’s first “production line of comprehensive recycling and utilization of construction waste resources” was put into operation, which will realize the recycling and reuse of construction waste into treasure. Reporters can see at the production site that mixed construction waste is reused. After fog, wetting and dusting, it enters the hopper and sieves through vibrating screen. Soil, light substances and construction waste are separated initially. After sorting and manual sorting, soil is further removed. After light biological and domestic waste are further broken, light aggregate is formed for subsequent production. Some of them are sent to the U18-15 automatic production line of Honcha, which is free of pallets. All kinds of building materials are remade. The permeable bricks produced by this equipment have high strength and permeability, and the water storage performance can reach 30% of the volume of bricks.

The manufacture of cement products occupies a very important position in the comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources, because it is the final product of the whole project, these products can actually bring returns to the whole project. Honcha U18-15 pallet-free block machine guarantees the quality of these cement products first. At the same time, Honcha also provides customers with high value-added patents and authorized use of formulations, such as large-scale chain water conservancy engineering bricks, imitation stone filters, water retaining and permeable bricks.


As early as 2007, Honcha realized the business opportunity of solid waste disposal for the benefit of the country and the people. We invested a lot of energy in joint research and development with well-known institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes. Now we has joined forces with all parties to launch a set of solutions for comprehensive recycling of construction waste resources, providing pre-project planning and plant design. One-stop service for crushing, concrete, brick machine, mortar equipment selection, high value-added recycled products patents and formulation authorization manufacturing, etc. Let customers concentrate on doing a good job in the market, without worries. More information about solid waste disposal, please contact us!

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