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New technology for brick making with cinder
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The mud content is regarded as a big taboo in the traditional formula of concrete products. In theory, when the mud content is more than 3%, the strength of the product will decrease linearly with the increase of the mud content. The most difficult to dispose of construction wastes and various solid wastes is dregs. With the strict requirement of environmental protection for sand and stone mining, the price of sand and stone is soaring year by year. When dealing with solid waste, all recycled aggregates can be sold directly at a better price. The residual residue can only be used for backfilling or roadbed construction.

Honcha Cinder brick making machine, with a shock force of 360 KNb and synchronization of multi-vibration sources, allows slag materials to use about 8% water content, after forming, the surface of products can also be slurried, concrete can be fully liquefied, exhausted, forming a very high density!

Honcha Yiwu project took the lead in discovering that the whole slag can also make bricks. In the trial production of antique green bricks, the whole slag-soil aggregate-free material is used. It is found that the forming effect is good and the strength attenuation is less. The strength requirement can be met only by adjusting the cement proportion to 10%. For several years, the Tiger Pit Project in Shenzhen has been making bricks from recycled and cleaned waste residue by pulling garbage from daily life to generate electricity. With the environmental requirements and the rising cost of waste sludge disposal, the company tried to mix waste sludge into brick making. As a result, the strength of cement can reach the same standard only by increasing the cement content from 8% to 9%, while the density increases greatly and the water absorption rate reaches the requirements of high-quality products. Huizhou Hongli Project, unexpectedly screened out the stone sand in the stone powder, and the remaining mud was used to make bricks.

The use effect of many users shows that product density is an important support for product strength, and concrete full liquefaction, cement penetration into every corner of the product, especially the product surface slurry, forming internal density support, external mud support, so that products meet the requirements of various quality and performance indicators.

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