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Innovation of Thermal Insulation Wall Bricks
Time: 2021-05-24    View:     Company News

Honcha pallet-free brick making machine, the production of slag brick has its unique core technology, In the production of river hydraulic bricks series, wall material series, landscape retaining wall series and other non-double distribution material products, without pallet, can be stacked and maintained after forming!


In the production of color floor tiles, stone-like permeable bricks, etc., because of its broken gradation formula, material viscosity is poor, and it is easy to bricks dropping when moving demoulding, and the overlapping surface of bricks and bricks is prone to pollution. So bricks can only be produced with pallets, and brick-board mixing with plate maintenance .


Neijiang Hengshida is the first customer to require technical improvement. It spent hundreds of thousands technical fee and RMB400,000 to buy 1000 pallets. In recent years, a number of users in Zhungeer Banner, Shijiazhuang, Fujian and other places have successively upgraded their technology. However, there are many inconveniences in the process of product transformation, which belongs to the dual system operation.


In order to increase the compatibility function of special equipment and let users’ special equipment produce more abundant products, Honcha launched multi-functional pallet-free brick making machine! That is to say, the brick board can be placed on the bricklaying platform, and then the products can be stacked layer by layer, and then sent to the curing area. When the production of color pavement bricks or permeable bricks series, the equipment takes shape, and then the products and pallets are sent to the bricklaying platform, and the bricks and slabs are mixed and sent to the curing area.


Breakthrough of multi-function bracket-free brick machine technology, let this one of world’s largest brick machine, release a strong potential.

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