Brand Culture

The way to success, Honcha Manufacture

It consists of letters“H、C”and Chinese characters“卓越鸿昌”to form a look-up cube. The plane is hexagonal;

● “H、C” is the initials of Honcha letters;

● “Cube”shows the concept of space and represents the construction industry. It reflects the nature of the ultimate product of Honcha;

● “The shape ofregular hexagon” is the embodiment of the most representative nuts in industry. At the same time, regular hexagon has the characteristics of symmetry and balance. It implies the firm and firm character of the enterprise;

Bluerepresents wisdom, science and technology, rationality and pioneering progress;

The overall recognition of the logo is strong, and the simple geometric pattern is quite international. It has taken a strong step for Honcha brand to enter a more challenging market.

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